Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nodding Wild Onion Photos

Our Past: The Nodding Wild Onions had its first gig way back in the spring of 2008, when we consisted of Joe Mish on bass, John Berquist on mandolin and accordion, and Phil Wheeler on guitar. By fall of 2008, we were required to identify our genre, so we coined the term (as far as we know), "crossover blues." We played for the RNeighbors RLuau in October 2008, when the band then consisted of Roger Nelson, Laurie Helmers, Joe Mish, and Phil Wheeler. We are now usually the people listed at the right. So things have evolved considerably.

Band Member Bios:

Beth Atkinson grew up along the Mississippi, where she got suffused in the blues (and classical violin) at an early age. She started playing the mandolin after a freak fiddling accident injured her shoulder.

Randy Crawford grew up somewhere near the Surf Ballroom, where he once performed onstage with Herman, of Hermit fame.

Roger Nelson grew up in Minnesota, where he absorbed the assumption that he must have done something to deserve weather like this. So, he has the free-floating-guilt-about-something blues.

Stephanie Podulke studied percussion with the lead percussionist of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, paying with money from babysitting. She picked up the washboard on a dare at a hoedown and hasn't put it down since.

Darin Podulke-Smith joined the band in 2012, bringing his banjo, his extraordinarily deep voice, and his equally deep enthusiasm for old time blues and folk music.

Laurel Podulke-Smith joined her fisrst band in college (Lock Up Your Daughters). In addition to crossover blues, she enjoys singing jazz, big band, bossa nova, Americana, and musical theater.

Julio Vega, percussionist, rejoined the band after a sojourn in Arizona. Welcome home, Julio and family! Julio has the legitimate used-to-live-in-Arizona blues.

Phil Wheeler, band founder, grew up in a small college town in Ohio, where as a middle child and a twin, he got half the attention of most middle children. He nevertheless lacks the right to sing the blues.


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